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Frontier 3015


The Frontier 3015 takes rugged power to a new level. Cased in an industrial steel frame, the Frontier 3015 packs immense power into an ultra efficient size. With a vast array of output options, this unit can tackle power solutions for many devices at once, making the complex charging of a job site because a breeze.

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Product Description

The Frontier 3015 is our limited edition silent power station. With 2457.6Wh of capacity, the Frontier 3015 will charge and power devices and tools for days on end. Outfitted with 8 110V and 1 240V ports, the 3015 is the perfect jobsite companion. Its flat profile makes it ideal for charging large arrays of battery powered tools while powering work lights, air compressors, drills, or other jobsite necessities.

The Frontier 3015 is next in our new era of portable, functional power. We've designed

this power systems from the ground up to get the jobs you need done, without noise or fumes from a gas generator.

Our new rugged body designs are prepared to take on life, as rough and messy as it gets. The Frontier 3015 is a limited edition power station, so grab one now and get powered.

Perfect for remote job sites, road trips, backyard shows, camping, and more. The Frontier 3015 makes remote locations accessible to power.



Battery Capacity: 2457WH

Battery: LIFEPO4

3000 peak watts / 1500 continuous watts

AC Output: 1000W

Battery Lifetime: 5-8Years

Charge in x hours via AC power

Charge in x hours via solar

Charge in x hours via 12V car port

Runs glacier ac for x hours


110v Heavy Duty Socket: 8x

240v Heavy Duty Socket: 1x

2.0 USB A port: 4x

3.0 USB A port: 4x

USB C port: 8x

12v Socket: 2x


110V/240V Charging Socket: 1x

500w PV Socket: 1x

50a Anderson Connector: 1x


Package: 20” X 17.7 X 11” 

Weight: 100 lbs