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Pioneer 6200 + 200W Solar Panel


Tough job? Meet unlimited power. The Pioneer 6200 + 200W Solar Panel bundle gives you 6,200Wh of clean power, kept ready by the power of the sun. Set up the 200W panel on a sunny day to keep the Pioneer 6200 topped off and get back to what really matters.

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Product Description

The Pioneer 6200 is our high capacity, mobile silent power station. With 6,200Wh of 28.8V lithium iron phosphate power, the Pioneer 6200 will charge power hungry devices and appliances for days or weeks on end. Whether you need it on the jobsite, on the go, or as a home backup when the grid goes down, you can count on the Pioneer 6200 to power your electronics and appliances to give you peace of mind that you’re never without a solar power supply.

The 200W solar panel is small and compact. Weighing in at only 14lbs, it’s easily brought anywhere. Whether you’re on the jobsite, or on the go, the 200W solar panel supplements the Pioneer 6200 and keeps you powered all the time.


200w Solar Panel Specs:

Solar cell: Sunpower 3.4 Watt

Cell Efficiency: 25%

Power Rating: 200W

Vmp: 18V/36V

Imp: 11.1A /5.55A

Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 20.8v/41.6V

ISC: 11.87A /5.94A

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Dimensions closed: 620mm x 535mm

Dimensions open: 535mm x 2340mm

Weight: 6.5KG

Surface coating: ETFE

Pioneer 6200 Specs:

Rated Input Voltage: 29.2V

Rated Input Current: 30A

AC Output: 2000VA

AC Output Current: 15A



110V Socket: 2pcs

Full Voltage: 28.8V

Low Voltage Protection: 20.8V

Charger Power: 876W

Discharge Capacity: <1C

Battery Capacity: 6200WH

Battery Lifetime: 5-8Years

Charger: 29.2V 30A

Packages: 27" x 20" x 11.5"

Net Weight (Kg): 68KG