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Glacier AC + Pioneer 830


Need to take your cool on-the-go? The Pioneer 830 + Glacier AC bundle will keep you cool for 6.5 continuous hours at a time. This bundle is perfect for the person who needs to be mobile and flexible. Our lightest battery pairs nicely with the Glacier AC’s footprint.

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Product Description

The Pioneer 830 is our most convenient and portable silent power station to date. Equipped with 830 Watt hours of 25.6 Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate power, the Pioneer 830 will keep your devices charged for days on end.

We designed this power system with portability in mind, so you can have power with you wherever you go. The Pioneer 830 is small and easy to handle. Weighing in at 24.4lbs, it’s easy to bring the Pioneer 830 anywhere.

The Glacier AC is our lightweight, mobile cooling system. Perfect for any size van, cab, or camper, the Glacier AC will keep you cool no matter what you’re driving. Drawing only 250w, the Pioneer 830 can power the Glacier AC for up to 6.5 hours straight. With a 2500 BTU rating, the Glacier AC can cool your rig by 30 degrees in just 10 minutes. Its powerful output can cool 50ft³, more than enough for any vehicle.


Glacier AC Specs:

Refrigerant: R134A

Cooling Capacity: 680W/2500BTU

Room Fit: 50 square feet

Rated Voltage: DC 24V/AC 100~ 240V (adapter)

Rated Current: 10A/24V

Rated Power: 250W

Working Temperature: 3~42oC/37~107oF

Noise: <55dB

Product Dimension: 24 1/4” x 91/2” x 11 3/4”

Net Weight: 12kg/26.5lb

Gross Weight: 15kg/33.1lb

Pioneer 830 Specs:

Rated Input Voltage: 29.2V

Rated Input Current: 7A

AC Output: 1000Watts

Battery: LIFEPO4

110V Socket: 2x

Battery Capacity: 830WH

Battery Lifetime: 5-8Years

Charger: 29.2V 7A

Package: 14.4" X 10" X 5.5"

Weight: 24 lbs

Charge in under 4 hours via AC power

Charge in under 4 hours via solar

Charge in under 8 hours via 12v car port

Runs glacier ac for 6.5 hours