Core values

Tier 1 is fundamentally changing how people get energy, allowing you to break away from the limiatations of the traditional power grid.

Energy Security

Lowering the risk of structural failure in communities by eliminating dependence on the power grid.

Flexible Lifestyle

Creating opportunities for lifestyles previously blocked by traditional means of power.

Affordable Power

Reducing power costs to communities across the world with limited energy options.

Future Conscious

Designing sustainable power solutions that have the smallest lifecycle footprint on our planet.



Ryan Duarte

Ryan leads the vision and is the principal salesperson for Tier 1. He is a serial entrepreneur with several growth and exit stories under his belt. He has worked across various industries and successfully applied his best-case scenario ethos to each opportunity he’s encountered.


Stephon Smith

Stephon oversees the financial strategy of Tier 1 Solar, acting in the capacity of fractional/interim CFO. Mr. Smith has a background in solar photovoltaics and energy management, and he has expertise in financial modeling, planning, analysis, and management.

Head of Engineering

Bob Fisher

Robert leads a Chinese R&D team for product development for Tier 1. He is also responsible for the manufacturing and quality control of Tier 1's products, acting as the liaison and translator between contract supplier factories and Tier 1. Robert is part of a 185 member Chinese factory boss group that shares capacity of manufacturing and cost controls.


Parker Wondries

Parker specializes in implementing technology to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve employee communication with the end goal of satisfied customers. He has worked with ARB, AQMD (MSRC), and EPA to identify and establish BACT to identify source monies that can be passed on to the customer through application of Public Government Grants.

HR Director


Kristina leads team building, recruitment, and HR management. Having owned and run an executive headhunting and staffing solutions provider of engineers and power generation specialists, she is well equipped to source and manage employees from design to manufacture.

Business Development

Jason Hoar

Jason creates strategic alliances and partnerships on Tier 1’s behalf. He draws from decades of experience in QA/QC systems design, regulatory law drafting and implementation, and logistical planning and execution. Jason understands the constraints that afflict large view proponents and provides the solutions and connections people need to get the job done.

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