December 21, 2021

Portable Solar In Extreme Conditions

Alaska and Canada are home to fluctuating climates that are often unpredictable, extreme, and potentially dangerous.

Alaska and Canada are home to fluctuating climates that are often unpredictable, extreme, and potentially dangerous. These particular locations experience heavy snow and rainfall, and often have long and dry winter conditions. This often incites a sense of terror among residents and visitors due to the possibility of getting stuck in a snowdrift or experiencing a vehicle failure during a snowstorm.

But no worries, with the Tier Solar Generator at hand, you will be able to safely get through any situation, even the most scary ones. Being stranded in a cold, desolate area is frightening, but thankfully, the solar generator will provide an ample supply of power, allowing you to make use of light and heat until help arrives. The solar generator can provide power in a situation like this for many days and can be recharged simply by plugging into the auxiliary port, as long as the vehicle is able to run at all. It can also be charged using renewable energy sources like the sun or wind, using solar panels or wind generators, which are also offered by Tier.

Having a source of home backup power is essential, especially when residing in or visiting extreme climate locations. Having a solar generator at hand is a smarter decision than keeping a gas generator, because gas cannot be easily found at home or in the car, particularly during a heavy snowstorm. If you can’t get out of the vehicle, then unfortunately, the gas generator in the vehicle is practically useless. Also, while gas generators are often noisy, solar generators operate quietly and are thus much easier to keep in indoor spaces, including inside vehicles.

The proper home preparedness kit, which should also be kept in your vehicle for added safety, should consist of the following:

  • Water and food

Keeping an ample amount of clean drinking water and non-perishable food is always a good idea, because you don’t know how long you’ll be stranded.

  • Flashlight or Tier LED wireless bulbs

Unexpected situations can arise at night, which can be scary because of your inability to see and navigate your way out to safety. Keeping a battery-powered Tier LED light in your vehicle will come in handy in situations like these.

  • Personal necessities

This includes moist towelettes, sanitation items, hair and skin supplies, and medication if necessary.

  • Portable power

Power is something that is easily taken for granted, and it is only when we are deprived of it that we realize its importance. Having a portable power source at hand, like a solar generator, will allow you to stay connected to power even during an outage or other emergency situations.

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