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The Glacier AC keeps you comfy on the go.

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The Glacier AC is our lightweight, mobile cooling system. Perfect for any size van, cab, or camper, the Glacier AC will keep you cool no matter what you’re driving.

Drawing only 250W, our Pioneer Series batteries can power the Glacier AC for up to 50 hours straight.

With a 2500 BTU rating, the Glacier AC can cool your rig by 30 degrees in just 10 minutes. Its powerful output can cool 50ft³, more than enough for any vehicle.

Our simple to use interface allows you to set the thermostat, save power in eco-mode, and adjust the fan speed.
Keep comfortable no matter where you go.

Road warriors can now stay comfy too.

Only 25lbs

Easily portable

2500 BTU

Cools 50ft³ easily

< 55db

Ultra quiet

↓ 30° in 10min

In a semi truck cab

Perfect for Pros

By not running your truck you can save up to 12 gallons of fuel per night.

A treat for the go-getters

Compact and ready for any sized adventure rig.
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Staying cool is easy.

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