The New Workhorse Rackmount


Secure solar storage that never clocks out.

We designed the Workhorse Rackmount to be the perfect powering solution for your home or business. With a 400Ah capacity, the Workhorse is capable of providing you with clean backup power.  When paired with our solar panels or solar tiles, you're ready to completely end your reliance on the power grid.

Our modular system allows you to customize the Workhorse Rackmount with various internal batteries, making it scalable to meet any power consumption need. For even greater needs, several units can be connected together to give you unlimited expandability.

With a powergrid-level copper coil in our inverter, the Workhorse gives you overload protection for more peace of mind. We believe that things should be built to last. That’s why we give you an extended 25-year warranty and a 10,000 cycle guarantee.

Our high capacity, silent solar storage system is finally here. Unlock your energy independence.

The all-in-one home power storage solution.

12kW cont./36kW peak

Power everything at once

Plug & Play

Effortless Setup

Up to 400Ah

Days of power

Unlimited Expansion

Chain units for extra power

Additional Specs

Output Voltage
Rated Voltage
Output Voltage
23.62" x 23.62" x 63"
32° F - 113° F
Operating Temperature Range
80A/100A Max
AC Charge

Home base, protected.

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