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5 MacroWatt Bess System

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Product Description


5 MW Bess Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 1280V

Nominal Capacity: 3920Ah

Efficiency: ≥92%(0.5C@25±2°C)

Self Discharge/Month: ≤3.5%/month

Maximum Clusters in Parallel: 14

Total Energy Capacity: 5000KWH

Expected Life: 5-7 Years to 80% capacity

Battery Power Loss Rate (Storage): 3% per month

Discharge Specifications

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 140A/280Ah

Peak Discharge (10 Seconds): 280A/400Ah

BMS Discharge Current Cutoff: 180A/300A(60s)

Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect: 1000V

BMS Discharge Voltage Cutoff: 1080V

Reconnect Voltage: 1200V

Short Circuit Protections: YES

Max Depth of Discharge: DOD 80%

Discharge Efficiency: ≥95%(0.5Ca@25±2°C)

Temperature Specifications

Discharge Operating Range: 1080~1440V

Charging Operating Range: 1080~1440V

Storage Temperature Range: -20~45°C (within 1mo) 10~35°C (over 1y)

BMS High Temperature Cutoff: 55°C

BMS Reconnect Temperature: 45°C

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions: Single cluster (1400x950x2350) ±10mm air cooling

Weight: Single cluster ≤3100kg

Connection Type(s): 14P400S

Enclosure Material: SPCC

Cell Type (Chemistry): LiFePO4

Environmental Control Heat/Cool/Both: YES

Environmental Control Wattage: YES

Environmental Control BTU: YES

System Coupling: 5 battery clusters are connected in parallel on the DC side and then connected to a large inverter.

Coupling Method: DC

Charge Specifications

Recommended Charge Current: 140A

Maximum Charge Current: 140A

Balancing Voltage: 1360V

BMS Charge Voltage Cutoff: 1440V

Recommended Charge Voltage: 0.5C constant current charge to 3.5V of the monomer, then turn to constant voltage 0.05C current charge to protection

Charge Efficiency: ≥95%(0.5Ca@25±2°C)

Max Charge Power: 2500KW

Compliance Specifications

Certifications (Cells/ Enclosure): YES

Shipping Classification: UN 3480, CLASS 9

Shipping Weight: ≈45000kg