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Pioneer 6200


The Pioneer 6200 is our high capacity, mobile silent power station. With 6,200Wh of 28.8V lithium iron phosphate power, the Pioneer 6200 will charge power hungry devices and appliances for days or weeks on end. Whether you need it on the jobsite, on the go, or as a home backup when the grid goes down, you can count on the Pioneer 6200 to power your electronics and appliances to give you peace of mind that you’re never without a solar power supply.

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Product Description

The Pioneer Series of silent electric generators creates a new era of portable, functional power. We've designed these power systems from the ground up to get the jobs you need done, without noise or fumes from a gas generator.

Our new rugged body designs are prepared to take on life, as rough and messy as it gets. With three powerful Pioneer options, we have the right tools to power anything you need.

We built the Pioneer 6200 for people who need serious power for the real world. Perfect for remote job sites, road trips, backyard shows, camping, and more. The Pioneer Series makes remote locations accessible to power. With the extra power from the 6200, feel confident knowing that your home appliances will have power for days.


Rated Input Voltage: 29.2V

Rated Input Current: 30A

AC Output: 2000VA

AC Output Current: 15A



110V Socket: 2pcs

Full Voltage: 28.8V

Low Voltage Protection: 20.8V

Charger Power: 876W

Discharge Capacity: <1C

Battery Capacity: 6200WH

Battery Lifetime: 5-8Years

Charger: 29.2V 30A

Packages: 27" x 20" x 11.5"

Net Weight (Kg): 68KG