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Pioneer 830


The Pioneer 830 is our most convenient and portable silent power station to date. Equipped with 830 Watt hours of 25.6 Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate power, the Pioneer 830 will keep your devices charged for days on end.

We designed this power system with portability in mind, so you can have power with you wherever you go. The Pioneer 830 is small and easy to handle. Weighing in at 24.4lbs, it’s easy to bring the Pioneer 830 anywhere.

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Product Description

This lightweight, silent power system is perfect for everything from road trips to remote workers, from emergency solutions to backyard entertainment. Rather than being reliant on power from external sources like coffee shops, you can put the world in your rear view with confidence.

With lightning fast charge times, the Pioneer 830 can be charged to full in under 4 hours with the AC charger, and less than 8 hours from the car adapter, meaning you’ll have power all the time, without the wait.

Enjoy a wide range of powering options with Pioneer 830’s industry leading 1000 watt AC power ports. This power station charges more than just phones and laptops. With up to 2000 peak watts of output and 1000 continuous watts, you can power everything from CPAP machines to small appliances, like our Glacier AC.

Our pure sine wave inverter outputs clean, safe power so your devices can charge cool, without the risk of overheating or harming the lifetime of your devices’ battery. Perfect for remote job sites, road trips, backyard shows, camping, and more. The Pioneer Series makes remote locations accessible to power


Rated Input Voltage: 29.2V

Rated Input Current: 7A

AC Output: 1000Watts

Battery: LIFEPO4

110V Socket: 2x

Battery Capacity: 830WH

Battery Lifetime: 5-8Years

Charger: 29.2V 7A

Package: 14.4" X 10" X 5.5"

Weight: 24 lbs

Charge in under 4 hours via AC power

Charge in under 4 hours via solar

Charge in under 8 hours via 12v car port

Runs glacier ac for 6.5 hours